Butt Augmentation Surgery & Brazilian Butt Lift

The need for butt augmentation (butt augmentation) aesthetics is planned in two ways for small butts. In the first technique, fats taken from other parts of the body (back, waist and belly) are injected into the buttocks (hips). This method is also known as Brasilian Butt Lift (BBL). If there is not enough fat in the patient, the second method, butt augmentation is done with the help of silicone butt prosthesis. Unlike the breasts, it is not possible to conceal the current problem because the textile products that try to show fullness of the small butts are not successful. If you are experiencing such a problem, one of these two methods will make you happy with a lasting and tangible result.

In addition to these two methods that have been proven successful throughout the world, butt filling process is applied in some centers. We do not apply filling (hip fill, butt fill) because the fillings used for this purpose in the market are not currently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In other words, the reliability of the filling materials used for the butt are not yet proven.

Butt Augmentation with Fat Injection (Hip Augmentation) / Forming – Brazilian Butt

When planning for a hip aesthetic, we aim to make the lifted and augmented butt (hip) form by making the distinction between waist and hip more . Can we get both a thin waist and a full rounded butt by taking the fats from the belly, waist and back areas and transferring them to the butts?

Of course! .. All the excess fats in waist, abdomen and back region are removed by liposuction method and passed through some filtering processes and then transferred to flat-faced hips and narrow hipline areas with a controlled way. The hip augmentation process is compleeted with this fat transfer. With this method, which is also known as Brazilian Butt Esthetic (Brazilian Butt Lift), you will have lifted and augmented butt, and you will be free from the fat around your waist and belly in the same session.

Some of the injected fats dissolves, but at the end of the first year 60% of the injected volume remains. Transfer process can be repeated as long as there is enough fat in your body. Fat injections can also be used for butt sagging, butt shaping and butt lifting, as well as for augmentation. After this process with small millimetric cuts, there will be no noticeable marks.


Butt Augmentation With Silicone Butt Prosthesis (Hip Augmentation)

The only solution for small butt to augment and lifting is not the fat transfer. Especially when there is not enough fat in the body, the hip is enlarged with the help of the butt prosthesis.

Butt silicones are only anatomically differently designed silicones with the same content as the silicones used for the breast. With these silicone butt prosthesis, which are inserted into the butt muscles from the small incision in tail end, make fullness in the upper part of the butt and give a lifted and bigger hip image after the operation. The prostheses placed in the muscle are not felt when they are looked from outside or touched. There will be no visible mark because it is definitely in the tail end. The butt silicone, which is designed with similar biological properties of breast silicone and with advanced technology, will remain in your body until the end of your life. As a result of the scientific and medical researches made, it is clearly known that it does not lead to any situation that affects the health negatively..


After Operation of Butt Aesthetic (Hip Aesthetics) and Healing Process


After surgery, hospitalization for 1 night is required.

Immediately after the surgery, a special corset is worn. It is important that you wear corsets for 3-4 weeks to reduce edema and swelling and get the best results.

You may feel difficulty moving, feeling sore and pain after the butt augmentation (hip augmentation) operation and following a few days. This is an expected condition and it will be under the control with the painkillers taken orally.

Since all the techniques applied are not made in the sitting area, there is no problem with sitting. You only have difficulty sitting up during the early period of surgery.

Post-operative edema and a little bruising are expected. Edema and bruises that will decrease day by day will disappear completely after 4 weeks.

We do not recommend you to take heavy sports activities except for the first two weeks after the surgery. At the end of the second week you can do all the sports activities.

There will not be any stitches to be taken because of the use of self-dissolving stitches during surgery.

You can start bathing on the 3rd post-operative day.

You can return to work on the 5th post-operative day.

We will ask you to take off the post-operative corset for four weeks only while bathing.

Butt Augmentation (Hip Augmentation) after the operation date, you will have 1st week, 1st month and 6th month check-ups.