What is Piezo Nasal Aesthetics?

‘Piezo Nasal Aesthetics’ functions with no need to break the nasal bone, it functions with sound waves without harming veins and nerves in the nose, and it brings us much closer to the expected aesthetic results and it represents the most technologically advanced level in the nose aesthetics. In fact, it is a technology that has been implemented in medical practices for almost 20 years and it has been used safely in the nasal aesthetics in recent years.

Which Nose Anatomy is Suitable for the Piezo Surgery?

‘Piezo Nasal Aesthetics’ is a system suitable for almost any type of nose anatomy that requires an arrangement in the nasal bones. I implement it not only for the aesthetic problems in the shape of the nose but also for correcting the deviations in the nasal bones called the septum deviation in the nose. However, for a successful application, it is absolutely necessary that the surgery is carried out by an experienced expert on the piezo surgery.

Can the Piezo Surgery be Used in the Treatment of Snoring and the Blockage of the Nasal Cavity?

Snoring and nasal congestion often occur due to deviations (septum deviation) in the nasal bones. Nasal obstructions damage our organs by creating an oxygen deficiency in all of our cells in our body. When we are unable to breathe through our nose satisfactorily, we encounter many problems in our bodies, such as sleeping with the mouth open, snoring, the dryness of the mouth, waking up tired in the morning, reduction in effort capacity, agitation, and nerve or heart growth, and fatigue in the lungs. With the piezo surgery, both the nasal microsurgery can be performed and the shape of the nose is corrected very successfully, and in the context of the mentioned problems and easy breathing the bone structures in the nose can be corrected without breaking the bone tissue in the nose and without damaging the veins, nerves and muscular structures. You can also breathe more comfortably while you have a better looking nasal structure.

What will be waiting for You After Piezo Nasal Aesthetics?

Here, you can tell what to do and what not to do for the patients after the surgery.

Is It Possible not to See Swollen and Bruised Noses while Walking on the Road?

Since ‘Piezo Nasal Aesthetics’ is performed without breaking or damaging the nasal texture and the surrounding veins, nerves and muscular structures around the nose, our patients encounter almost no swollen or bruised areas around the eye after the surgery. They are even allowed to start working on the second day after the surgery. I can now comfortably say that the period of bruising and swelling is over with this method. As the bone tissue is formed without breaking, the trauma created in this area is very few and the recovery occurs very fast compared to the conventional surgical methods. In the nasal aesthetics performed using a piezo device, the recovery of the bone occurs 60 % faster than the conventional (old) methods.

What Does the Patient Encounter During the Piezo Surgery?

In the classical method that we used in the past, the nasal arch was taken with the help of incision devices and hammers, and the side walls of the nose were narrowed. There was a serious trauma applied to the nasal bones. As a result, both the swelling and the bruise were too much, and the period of recovery was too long. Irregular fractures used to occur in the bone structure, which could lead to weakness and problems related to the shape of the nose in the long term. Now, without harming the bone structure, we are able to perform as smooth operations as we would like to. This also brings with it success in the context of aesthetics.

Does This Method Require Revision Surgeries?

Success in the first surgeries is very important. One of the significant factors affecting this success is also whether the bone structure is shaped smoothly and in an expected proportionality. The ‘piezo surgery’ reduces the need for revision because the bone structure is regular and shaped at millimeter-level precision and controlled by microsurgery, this increases the success in the first operation.

What are the Advantages Awaiting for the Patients?

The success expected by the patient out of the surgery increases in the context of aesthetics. Since bruises and swellings after the surgery are very few, not only is the patient very good in terms of morale but also he can recover and get on with his daily life in a short time. Because the surgery does not damage the nose tissue, a healthier and physiological improvement is achieved.

How Important is the Doctor Factor in Surgeries? What Makes You Different From Other Doctors?

How the surgery is performed with the conventional method can be explained, and then its differences with the piezo surgery. The most important problem I have come across was related to the shaping of the nasal bones employing the classical method, and the classical method was not fully satisfying the expectations in the context of aesthetics. It was seriously traumatizing the nasal area. At this point, ‘Piezo Nasal Aesthetics’ which functions with sound waves stepped in.

What is the Role of the Piezo Surgery in the Nasal Aesthetics?

With the nasal aesthetics, you can change everything related to the nose from tip to toe. If there is a nasal arch, this nasal arch is removed. Narrowing can be performed if it is wide. Expanding can be performed if it is narrow. Lengthening can be performed if it is short or shortening can be performed if it is long. If the tip of your nose is at a lower position, it can be raised in accordance with your face. However, while making these changes, it is difficult to perform milimetre-level movements that increase the success in the context of aesthetics in the surgery employing the current technique and instruments, and the morale of our patients also become very deteriorated with a bruised nose or a swollen nose after the surgery, and the period of recovery is very prolonged. With the developing technology in the nasal aesthetics, innovations enter into our lives. One of them is ‘Piezo Nasal Aesthetics’. Edema and bruises, which have been seen for a long time in the nasal aesthetics, are a part of the past from now on. Nowadays, the nasal bones are still cut using hammers and incision devices. However, with this new method we end all of this. ‘Piezo Nasal Aesthetics’ both achieves more successful results and increases the patient’s comfort. This method, which also reduces the bruises and swellings of the eye to a minimum level, is considered to be the future of the nasal aesthetics.