It is an operation to correct the deformity of the ear cartilage. The problem usually arises from two causes:

1. The angle of the ear with the head may be larger than it should be. This will show the ear outward

2. The folds that should have been in the upper half of the ear are not formed and the ear looks straightened as if it were ironed.


This is a minor cosmetic surgery. Local or general anesthesia may be applied for the surgery. The main thing done in prominent ear surgery is to change the shape of the ear. In the situations of an angle problem, the stitches are placed at the junction of the head and the ear to reduce the angle and this angle is narrowed. For the other problem, a new shape is made by putting sutures to the cartilage from behind the ear under the skin. The aim is to have the natural folded image of the ear.

Surgery can be done with general or local anesthesia; there is no stitch to be taken after surgery.


Especially for the psychological reasons, it is an aesthetic surgery and this operation can be applied even in the primary education period. The most important thing take into consideration is that the child should want this surgery. So both parents and children should agree.


There will be no stitches to be taken after surgery. It can be washed in a few days, you can return to work at your school, at least a week later.

After this operation, it is recommended to wear a tennis player’s band just for the protective purposes.


Since there is not much vessel in the ear, bleeding may be blood accumulation more like hematomas. There is a risk of infection. The ear cartilage is difficult to inflate, but if it is inflamed it can turn into a serious problem that progresses rapidly and disrupts the shape of the ear.

The asymmetry problem is one of the risks.

Even the existences of all these risks, the patient satisfaction rate is very high.



Type of the anesthesia: General or local.

Where the surgery should be performed: In a hospital operating room.

Duration of the surgery: 1 – 1,5 hours.

Duration of stay in the hospital: It is possible leaving hospital on the same day.

Post-surgical pain and bother: A few days dull ache. Oral simple painkillers are usually sufficient.

Swelling, bruising: The ear swells between 3–7 days and the folds in the ear slightly disappear.

Medical dressing: Your medical dressing will be removed.

Stitches: This operation can be done without the stitches to be removed.

When can you start working: 2–7 days.

Sport: Hike after 2 weeks, normal sports after 3 weeks, hard sports after 6 weeks.

Final form: 4-6 weeks.