Skin care is made by experienced aestheticians with products that are suitable for doctor use and have a drug license, imported from America and Spain with a focus on treatment and with the assurance of the medical center.

Classical Institute Care: This is a special treatment for your skin that ends with skin cleansing, peeling, steam, deep cleansing, disinfection, ampoule-serum, massage, mask, tonic, moisturizing and sun protection.

Acne Treatment: It is the treatment method with sebum balancing, peeling and drying antibacterial skin care products considering the skin condition of the person, once the causes of acne and pimple formation have been identified.

Elastin and Collagen Care: It is the care applied to strengthen the elastin and collagen fibers, which gives the skin stiffness, tension and elasticity. The used products should be rich in antioxidant content.

Led Mask: It is the light treatment applied according to the skin type and problem. At least 6 sessions (1 week intervals) should be administered. There are 4 color options. Each color is intended to treat a skin problem.


Red Led Mask: Provides a balancing treatment for antiaging and sebum secretion. It helps to narrow the large pores and to disinfect the bacteria from the skin.


Green Led Mask: It has cell renewal feature. It scans lymph and edema. It neutralizes mental stress.


Yellow Led Mask: Energizes the skin cells. Helps treating skin diseases. Increases immune system functions. It increases the function of the secretory glands.


Blemish / Stain treatment: It is the treatment applied for the treatment of newly formed blemishes / stains. The skin color is bleached using various mesotherapy serums. Hyperpigmentation inhibiting products are used.


Detox Care: Bacteria and toxins that accumulated under the skin are thrown out and the skin is thoroughly cleansed to breathe. After deep cleansing, 3 different detox masks are applied.

Oxygen Care: The cells in our skin need energy to perform their tasks. In young skins, there are no such problems because; the metabolism works better in young skins. The slowing of metabolism means that the skin is not fed and renewed.

Oxygen care helps to revitalize the tissues. It provides the skin moisture needs. The skin appears vivid, clear and smooth. The skin is stretched and recovered, the striation are removed. Oxygen accelerates metabolism, cleanses the skin from toxins and helps balance the fat secretion.

Moisture Care: Our skin can become dry, worn and flaky from a variety of factors. Moisture care is done with serum and masks containing intensive aloe vera and glycerin. Aloe vera has an effective moisture retention feature. It regulates the moisture level in the skin and prevents its drying. Moisture maintenance is usually done at seasonal intervals.