What is Trilipo Application?

Trilipo, with the help of triple effect the firming and fat reducing technology on legend device, fat reduction is aimed at. It supports cellulite removal and the reduction of regional fats that do not get lost with sports and exercise.

How does trilipo legend work?

The trilipo system, which reduces fat with a triple effect, with the tripolar radiofrequency technology used a long-time in the aesthetic field; a heating operation starts from 22 mm under the skin. It releases the stored fat content. At the same time, it delivers the tiny signals which exercise your muscles with the dynamic muscle activities. The fat contents released by the accelerated lymph drainage rapidly move away from that area. Your metabolic rate rises and you are definitely filled up with energy after the application.

Is it also possible to get rid of cellulite and tighten with trilipo?

The inhomogeneous structuring in our fat cells and the irregularity of the subcutaneous protein fibers cause the orange peel appearance from the outside. In addition to fat reduction in the trilipo system, these kinds of tissue irregularities are minimized. Thus, the person benefits from both local fat reduction and cellulite removal effects at the same time. The elimination and tightening of prolapses as a result of aging, rapid weight loss, postpartum and the recovery is also among the benefits of trilipo. There is no vacuum in the system. Therefore, the problems such as bruising, cracking in capillary vessels do not occur.

How is it applied?

Applying the session interval varies by the region. Minimum 6, maximum 12 sessions can be applied. After the first session, the effect begins to be seen. The duration of the session is a minimum of 30 minutes in a region. The session interval is 7 to 10 days. Regular visits to the sessions are important for the outcome. After the session, water consumption is needed according to body mass measurement.